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Company Profile

TEMTE Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of high quality equipment for thermoelectric (TE) industry. TEMTE Inc. also offers consulting services in material science and engineering in the field of thermoelectrics.

The main thermoelectric phenomena, such as Seebeck effect and Peltier effect drive direct energy conversion from heat to electricity and from electricity to heat. Thermoelectric cooling modules and thermoelectric generator modules are the devices which realize this conversion in practice. Efficiency of energy conversion by TE materials is proportional to the value of figure of merit ZT, where T is the absolute temperature in Kelvin and Z= a 2/rl, where a is Seebeck coefficient, r is electrical resistivity and l is thermal conductivity. Accuracy in the measurements of these thermoelectric parameters is a key factor for material development. Separate measurements for Seebeck coefficient, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity on different samples are commonly used; however this approach frequently leads to dramatic errors in estimated performance.

We solved this problem with ZT-Scanner, which we developed for simultaneous temperature resolved measurements of all thermoelectric parameters on a single specimen. During years of intensive material research, our Harman based setup proved to deliver accurate values of ZT - figure of merit, Seebeck coefficient, electrical, and thermal conductivities from 240K to 800K. Expecting that this unique in the industry measurement system is indispensable for developing advanced thermoelectric nano-materials we started recently commercial manufacturing of this product.

As the president of TEMTE Inc., I have a pleasure to recommend our latest model ZT-Scanner 2.3 to your attention. To realize better capability of our product simply start with an order of the measurements of your material by highly qualified professionals of TEMTE Inc.

Dimitri Vasilevskiy, PhD, DSc, ITS member